How are your prices so low compared with other web design companies?

As an independent freelance consultant I have lower overheads than my competitors.  In addition, as I use the latest software, therefore the production process time-line of your website can be greatly reduced with consequential savings on labour costs.


 How long does it take to produce a website

Obviously this greatly depends on the complexity of your site.  But as a rule of thumb, for the majority of sites, from the initial meeting through the quality assurance process to site launch will take approximately 2- 3 weeks.  If necessary sites can be constructed in a shorter time-scale and small supplement may be payable.


 Once the site is built can it be amended or have features added?

Of course, included within the site set-up costs is an allowance for reasonable changes in the first year, e.g. changes to prices for goods or services. In subsequent years if you would like to add pages or additional featuresto your website I will be happy to provide you with an inclusive quote.


 What are a website’s annual running costs?

All running costs for the first year are included in the prices quoted e.g. registering your domain name, website hosting for the first year etc.   If your site does not require any updating in subsequent years the running costs are very low, e.g. current costs are circa £10 annual domain name renewal + £50 annual hosting charge = £60 per annum, around £1 per week!  Try and find a more cost effective advertising medium.


 What is a Favicon

A Favicon is a small customisable graphic, logo or text that appears in the tabs of a web browser.  Having a Favicon increases the professionalism of your site and helps to establish your brand identity.